Burley Bee Child Bike Trailer

One of my wife and I’s favorite purchases was a bike trailer for our son after we’d picked up a couple old bicycles from Craigslist and rediscovered the joys of biking as adults. That trailer was perfect for taking family rides around neighborhoods and trails on beautiful days.

The Burley Bee is an excellent example of such a trailer. It’s a bit pricier than what you’d pay at, say, Walmart, but the build quality and attention to detail are there. The internal aluminum roll cage and dual 5-point harnesses help keep your kid(s) safe while riding, and the two large, tinted side windows not only offer passengers a great view, but also provide them UPF 30+ protection from the sun.

Even without the front and back reflectors, the Burley Bee’s bright yellow canopy makes it hard for nearby drivers to overlook. When you’re done riding, the whole lightweight unit folds flat for easy stowing (the wheels are simple to remove and place inside the trailer before folding).

Two of my favorite features:

  1. The large storage compartment in the back (44 liter capacity). Seriously, this makes a huge difference; a lot of trailers have tiny, almost-worthless storage spaces.
  2. The helmet recess pocket behind the seat. As many parents know, the seats of bike trailers tend to push kids’ heads forward uncomfortably whenever they wear helmets. The helmet recess in the Burley Bee makes the ride much more bearable for them.

Get the Burley Bee for $299 at Amazon.