Bugera PS1 “Power Soak” Guitar Amp Attenuator

Are you a guitarist who loves the sound a cranked-up amp makes, but you drive everyone in your house nuts with the insane loudness of it? How are you supposed to get that awesomely distorted, crunchy tone and keep the speaker volume down?

Actually, that’s precisely what a guitar power attenuator allows you to do. The Bugera PS1 “Power Soak” is one such device that does this job well, and it’s an enticingly priced one at that. You hook it up between your amp and your speaker cabinet, crank up the amp to get whatever guitar sound you’re looking for, then use the big “Soak” knob to lower the speaker’s volume to a reasonable level without losing that sweet, sweet tone. Simple as that!

Get this thing for $109 on Amazon and keep rocking out. Your family and neighbors will thank you for it, believe me. 🤘😌🎸