“Bud Button” Magnetic Earbud Clip

I use my iPhone earbuds all the time, often enough that I always have a pair in my pocket. Whether I’m sitting in a cafe listening to music as I work, or playing a podcast while jogging or riding a bike, they’re just so handy to have on hand. The only problem is that the cable gets in my way a lot, or catches on things and pulls the buds out of my ears.

The Bud Button is an elegant solution for this. It clips onto your shirt (or other base layer) using a neodymium magnet, and locks the earbud cord into place however you prefer. The best way to understand it is watching their demo video:

As the video shows, this thing is perfect for runners, bikers, musicians, and more. Just be sure you’re safe to wear such a strong magnet near your body (for example, if you have a pacemaker or other condition) and that you’re following your local laws about wearing earbuds while biking on public roadways, et al.

The Bud Button comes in a range of color combinations, each of which runs for $11 on Amazon.