BUBM Double-Layer Travel Gear Organizer

Ever feel like you’ve got too many travel accessories to keep track of, much less organized? I know how that goes, believe me.

This double-layer organizer by BUBM is the perfect carry case for all that stuff. It’s got 19 elastic loops, 6 mesh pockets, 2 net compartments, and a sleeve pouch large enough to fit a full-size iPad (9.7″). No more hunting down cables, external drives, stylii, earbuds, camera batteries, or any of the rest of your peripherals. It’s all held firmly in place, exactly the way you left it. The case is made from a durable and waterproof nylon material and sports high-quality zippers (though not YKK ones).

The large-size case is $17 on Amazon and comes in three colorways:

  1. Grey + orange
  2. Blue + green
  3. Rose red + light green