Brett Kelly’s “Master Your Mac” Course

Brett Kelly, arguably best known for his book Evernote Essentials, has just released a new email-based course called Master Your Mac for those who want to get the most out of OS X. As he says in his announcement blog post:

In a nut, Master Your Mac is an education in taking your Mac knowledge to the next level — a collection of tools, tricks, and tactics for the casual Mac user who wants to do a lot better.

Just to be clear: this isn’t beginner stuff. None of what I’ll teach is terribly complicated, but it does assume you’ve got the basics down already. If that’s you, then get ready because it’s time to start working faster and better.

As for how it all works, here’s what he says on the course page itself:

Each week, you’ll receive a lesson via email that will teach you a new trick or tactic for using your Mac faster (and, thus, more efficiently). Your first email will arrive a couple of minutes after you sign up. The next email will arrive a week later, and so forth.

These emails are designed to be brief, specific, and actionable — the kind of thing you can read over once or twice and put into practice immediately.

I have many of these emails written and ready to go — and I’m adding more all the time. And I’ll keep adding them until I’ve exhausted my bag of tricks. It could take awhile because, frankly, my bag of tricks is pretty deep.

Brett’s been something of a Mac expert for years, so Master Your Mac is sure to be an invaluable resource. Sign up for just $5 a month.