Breleidy Portable Teapot Set

For travelers who take their tea habit seriously — and would never leave home without a way to brew the stuff — comes this portable tea serving set, which comes with a tea pot and three teacups (one large, two small) that all nest together into a compact zippered travel case.


Each of the nesting components is made from a heavy-duty rough-textured ceramic, and wood accents on the top and sides of the teapot allow you to handle the hot tea without burning yourself. Meanwhile, the lid doubles as a 360° filter that keeps the loose leaves/herbs inside as you pour the tea out.


This is an awesome little way to make sure you always have access to fresh tea everywhere you go — provided you’ve packed a tiny canister of loose leaves and have access to hot water there.

Get the set for $26 on Amazon in your choice of black or green.