Brass Garden Hose Quick-Connectors

Connecting a water hose to a spigot is one of those things that always seems simple on the surface, but somehow finds a way to go awry when you least expect it. Did I tighten it enough? Did I mis-thread the thing AGAIN? Will there be an unexplainable leak that makes me have to redo the connection job all over?

With brass quick-connectors like these though, that’s no longer a concern. You only have to set up the pair of fittings once, and after that, connecting the hose is easy as clicking one piece onto the other. To disconnect, simply pull back on the neck of the hose connector and it comes right off. You can even do it one-handed either way, it’s awesome.


I’ll tell you one thing, this kind of connector makes RV setup and tear-down feel like a breeze. I recommend it to everyone, whether they’re a fellow RVer, a gardener, or really anyone who has to deal with water hoses a lot.

Get a set of two quick-connects for $16 on Amazon. They also offer sets of three, four, and six.