Braize Kabob Grilling Basket Set with Removable Handle

Grilled kabobs are some of the tastiest things you can make at a barbecue, but the process of making them is hardly the most fun task, with all that painstaking skewering, and foods always managing to fall off the stick, and having to remember to soak the wood skewers in the first place so you don’t burn them, and the items on the stick never quite staying turned on the grill the way you want… bah!

Forget all that nonsense and get yourself a set of kabob grilling baskets instead. They’re just so much easier to work with — cut up your food pieces, toss ’em into the baskets, clip the things shut, and you’re ready to go.

These particular kabob baskets are neat because they come with a removable stainless steel handle that quickly clips onto one basket at a time. This allows you to easily flip each basket as needed and then close the grill without some pesky long handle getting in the way of the lid (or taking on heat that could burn your hand). It’s a pretty clever solution all around.


The baskets are dishwasher-safe and offer a good amount of capacity for fitting large chunks of meat and/or veggies. They also offer the benefit of being able to grill soft foods that would otherwise be likely to fall right off a skewer.

Get the set for $45 on Amazon.