Bose “Smart Ultra” Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Voice Control

TVs are getting thinner and thinner by the year, and this often comes at the expense of having decent built-in speakers. No one wants a super crisp, detailed image paired with subpar (my nice way of saying “absolute crap”) audio, so there are typically two choices: invest in and install a complicated surround sound setup, or simply get a soundbar to emulate that surround experience without all the hassle.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to Bose’s new Smart Ultra Soundbar, successor to the Smart Soundbar 900 from a couple years ago.


Actually, I should quickly mention that if you already have the Smart Soundbar 900, go ahead and hang onto it. Its feature set is almost exactly the same as the Smart Ultra Soundbar’s — the physical design is very similar, it supports Dolby Atmos-encoded content, it utilizes Bose’s “TrueSpace” spatial processing to analyze and upmix everything else, and you can use the “ADAPTiQ” feature to calibrate the soundbar to the specific acoustics of whatever space it’s in.

The main selling point of the Smart Ultra over the 900? A.I. Dialogue Mode. This new AI-powered feature automatically brings out the clarity and intelligibility of spoken dialogue so you can always hear what’s being said, without losing the impact of other audio within the scene.

The Smart Ultra Soundbar is available for $899 on Amazon and comes in your choice of Black or Arctic White.