Bose Announces “Sport Open” Earbuds

A few days ago, Bose announced their upcoming “Sport Open” earbuds, which boast a fascinating design feature: They don’t go in or on your ears, nor do they cover them.

Instead, they rest above the ear canal, staying in place throughout any kind of workout simply by following the natural curve of your ear:


If you hate the feeling of earbuds being jammed into your ear, or you’re a cyclist or runner who wants to be able to better hear traffic (or even just the sounds of nature) around you while still listening to your favorite playlists or podcasts, you’ll really dig this design.


From that above-ear position, the earbuds direct sound inward in such a way that you hear them very clearly while people around you hear practically nothing. No more ~b o n e  v i b r a t i o n s~ to make you uncomfortable as you go about your business.

The Sport Open earbuds are scheduled to start shipping on January 21st, 2021. To get your hands on a pair as soon as possible, pre-order them for $200 from Bose.