“Book Darts” Metallic Line Book Markers

If you’re like us, you hate sullying your books (or notebooks) by making marks in them with a pen or highlighter, or dog-earing the pages like an animal. Some people will use paperclips or these sticky page markers to quickly locate useful passages later. We’re still cool with the latter option, but an even better one has come to our attention: Book Darts.

These nifty little guys are paper-thin metal markers that let you mark exact passages you’d like to return to, without damaging the pages (or book binding) in the process. You can easily see and feel them on the edges of the pages when the book’s closed, which adds to the whole tactile experience in our opinion.

I love how the company describes their product:

Make each book an ongoing resource, not a graveyard of ideas. Now you don’t have to remember all the answers, just where to find them. Book Darts are a tool for recalling exactly what you need from within any text. Once you find it, we’ll help you hang on to it. Think of each dart as a switch that turns ideas on again. When you’ve discovered something important in your reading, Book Darts make sure you’ll find it again when you need it.

What’s nice about Book Darts is that they’re endlessly reusable. When you’re absolutely done referencing a particular book, you can pull the darts out and use them in another one. They don’t rust like a paper clip might, so even that kind of page-damaging isn’t a concern. Good stuff all around!

A 125-count mixed-color tin of Book Darts is $13 on Amazon. You can also find single-color tins in your choice of bronze, brass, or stainless steel.