Bondhus Ball-End Allen Wrench Set

Ever tried working on your bike, assembling furniture, or working on machinery with typical hex keys and been frustrated by the placements of certain screws? Or do you get your wrenches mixed up a lot?

Bondhus’ ball-end Allen wrenches are one nifty way to solve both issues. Each set is color-coded, making it easier to find whichever wrench you need for a job. And, each wrench has a ball end that inserts into screws at a 25° angle, letting you not only work from a wider variety of angles, but also with more natural hand and wrist movement. In fact, Bondhus invented ball end wrenches back in 1964, so you could say they’ve got the machining process down-pat.

Every wrench is made from Bondhus’ proprietary “Protanium” steel alloy, which basically means they’re super durable and likely won’t break in your lifetime. They’re also finished in a way that prevents rusting. They only have two real downsides, really:

  1. The color finish tends to wear off in places where the wrenches repeatedly make contact with screws. However, the rest of the finish along their lengths typically stays intact.
  2. While the long arms of these wrenches offer great leverage and reach, they can cause issues if you have to turn the long ends in particularly cramped spaces.

The wrenches come in a 9-piece metric set for $15, a 13-piece “inch” (American) set for $27, or if you want a bit of both worlds, they offer this double-pack mix for $36. Check each listing on Amazon to see what hex sizes come in each one.