Blue Spark Digital Microphone

Every day, it seems like more and more people are looking to turn their iPads into mobile recording studios. Whether they’re playing music or podcasting, a good mic is absolutely essential — and the Blue Microphones Spark Digital doesn’t disappoint.

While the Blue Spark is perhaps not quite as portable as the Samson Meteor mic if you count the included metal stand, it’s still designed with mobility in mind. They designed it to work with 30-pin iPhones and iPads, and it works fine with newer Lightning devices if an Apple Lightning Adapter is tossed into the mix. It also works with a lot of popular iOS recording apps, like GarageBand.

The sound quality is great as well. Highs, mids, and lows are all captured quite clearly. It’s also got a built-in mute button, so you can podcast away without fear of it picking up keyboard noises or anything like that.

$186 on Amazon.