Blek for iOS

Blek is a game for iPhone and iPad that relies on your imagination to solve its puzzles. The goal seems simple enough—hit all the colored dots without touching the black ones—but exactly how you accomplish this is up to you.

Draw any line or shape with your finger, and it will repeat that motion in a pattern until the line leaves the screen, when it has successfully hit all the colored dots, or if it accidentally bumps into a black dot and gets eaten. The way this line gracefully swoops and swirls around the screen gives me some calligraphy vibes.

The game starts off pretty straightforward, but as you progress, the levels start getting esoteric. It’s rarely frustrating though—even when I’m repeatedly failing a level (as of this writing I’m on lvl. 36), I’m still charmed by Blek’s animations and sound effects.

Blek is just $3 on the iOS App Store.