“Blade Runner” Saw Blade Storage Case

The Blade Runner Storage Case is something I discovered from a video by James Hamilton (aka “Stumpy Nubs”), who has a whole series on “Cool Tools” that all woodworkers (or really, anyone who works in a shop) should have a watch through:

As he mentions there, this case is a convenient way to safely store and transport a stack of table saw blades, whether in your shop or to/from a work site. It’s made from high-impact plastic and holds blades up to 10″ in diameter, with enough room for up to five blades per side, depending on thickness.

This separation means you could have a stack of 10″ blades on one side and a collection of dado blades on the other. Or, you could have the new sharp ones kept on one side and the duller used ones on the other. Pretty neat either way.

As I write this on August 10th, 2023, the Blade Runner Storage case is unavailable on Amazon, but you can find it at the Ridge Carbide Tool site. Either way, it should run you around $38.