Blackstone Portable Tabletop Propane Griddle

Blackstone’s portable tabletop griddle is a super convenient way to cook when you’re camping, tailgating, taking a roadtrip, having a picnic at the park, or generally being out-of-doors. It uses standard 1-pound propane bottles and gives you a nice big cooking surface to work with. It’s great for pancakes, sausages, veggies, burgers, and just about anything else you might wanna grill for you and your buddies.

When you’re done cooking on it, just wipe the surface down with a paper towel and empty the built-in grease trap “drawer” underneath. The griddle top also flips upside down to fit onto the main body for easy storage.

Here’s their promo video for the 22″ two-burner grill:

There are two sizes of this portable griddle to choose from:

  • 17-inch ($74) — Single adjustable burner
  • 22-inch ($120) — Two adjustable burners