Black Shark “MagCooler 3 Pro” Magnetic Device Cooler

Although I grew up playing console games exclusively, I’ve been a big proponent of mobile gaming for years now, particularly on iPhone and iPad. However, I can’t deny there are still times when you could practically cook an egg on the back of the device after playing a while. They’re just not built with the right amount of ventilation the way consoles are.

A number of companies out there have realized this and started making phone coolers to solve the problem. The MagCooler 3 Pro by Black Shark is my top choice, personally.

This clever little magnetic cooler is kind of like sticking an ice pack onto the back of your phone, tablet, or other device. It combines a thermoelectric cooling chip with a heatsink and a 7-blade fan to offer super fast active cooling to whatever it’s attached to, so you can use your device longer without worrying that it’s going to overheat.


Not only is this cooling effect awesome for gaming sessions, it’s also useful for running GPS directions on long drives, watching movies, or simply using the device while it’s charging.

The integrated magnet allows it to work with MagSafe iPhones out of the box, and a magnetic sticker is included so it can work with just about anything else — tablets, laptops, Android devices, older iPhones without MagSafe, the Nintendo Switch, etc.

Moreover, you can pair the cooler with a companion app to customize its RGB lighting effects and fan speed.


Get the MagCooler 3 Pro for $56 on Amazon in your choice of black or white.