‘Birds’ Coffee Table Book by Tim Flach

Birds is an aptly titled coffee table book by London-based animal photographer Tim Flach that features over 180 stunning photos of exquisite avian creatures from across the animal kingdom:

Radiating grace, intelligence, and humor, and always in motion, birds tantalize the human imagination. Working for years in his studio and the field, Tim Flach has portrayed nature’s most exquisite creatures alertly at rest or dramatically in flight, capturing intricate feather patterns and subtle coloration invisible to the naked eye.

From familiar friends to marvelous rarities, Flach’s birds convey the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Here are all manner of songbirds, parrots, and birds of paradise; birds of prey, water birds, and theatrical domestic breeds.


Not only are the images a feast for the eye, they’re also given deeper context by Yale ornithology professor Richard O. Prum, who acts as the reader’s guide as they peruse every page:

Compelling text by prominent ornithologist Richard O. Prum takes the reader into the deep history of birds, ancestors of the dinosaurs living among us, and sheds light on the distinct behaviors of each species.

Discover how female guira cuckoos lay eggs in shared nests, distinguishing their own with unique markings, and why the Nicobar pigeon swallows small colorful stones. Learn of the vulturine guineafowl’s penchant for fallen fruit, the common ostrich’s rapid growth rate, and more as you navigate your way through these pages.


Just about every kind of bird you can imagine is in this book, and the photography will absolutely blow you away.


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