Bialetti Pasta Pot

I’ve been cooking a lot of pasta at home lately, and it’s gotten a bit tiresome transferring noodles back and forth between the cooking pot and our colander, possibly losing some noodles along the way.

The 5-quart Bialetti Pasta Pot looks like it’ll solve this problem for me, because you can merely lock the lid into place and easily pour the hot water through the holes on top. No muss, no fuss.

Even if the pasta blocks those holes, water can still drain out through the little notches on the lip of the pot. The pot itself is long enough that it shouldn’t be necessary to break any spaghetti noodles in half before boiling them. The interior is also coated with a nonstick surface, which is nice for me because I hate scraping stuck noodles from the bottom of cooking pots.

The Bialetti Pasta Pot is available in a wide variety of colors, with prices on Amazon mostly ranging between $20 and $30.