beyerdynamic “DT 770 Pro” 80-ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones

When it comes to highly comfortable professional headphones that won’t break the bank, it doesn’t get much better than beyerdynamic’s DT 770 Pros.

These German-made over-ear cans were designed for studio and stage recording work, and they certainly bring some crystal clear, high-resolution audio performance to the table, but for me it’s all about those soft velour ear pads that make the headphones comfortably wearable for hours on end, even when sleeping. You sometimes forget you even have them on.

The 770s come in your choice of 32-ohm, 80-ohm, and 250-ohm versions, all of which run for around $149–$159 on Amazon. Audio engineers and the like will understand what those numbers mean, but if you don’t, just go for the 80 and don’t worry about it.