Bestargot Titanium French Press + Camp Mug + Outdoor Cookpot

Camping and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly. As such, Bestargot’s titanium outdoor French press is an indispensable companion for the trail.

This well-built piece of gear is an uncoated, pure TA1 titanium mug — somewhat reminiscent of the Snow Peak mug featured in here — with an accompanying 304 stainless steel coffee press/filter plunger. You can heat it directly over an open flame, and it has a built-in handle with a hooked bit that lets it hang above a fire for just this purpose.


The mug itself weighs only 99g and is easy to drink out of, while adding the lid and coffee filter brings that up to 220g total. It holds up to 25.4 fl oz (750ml) of liquid, which is enough for 3 or 4 cups of coffee, so it’s perfect for sharing a fresh brew with a camping buddy.

Luke Price of the WildernessWanderer YouTube channel did a great overview video of the press:

What’s extra neat about this French press is that, when you remove the plunger mechanism stuff, you can use the main container as a simple but sturdy camping cookpot. Multi-purpose tools, baby!

Get the Bestargot French press for just $35 on Amazon.