Best Made Co. Constellation Globe

Best Made Co’s Constellation Globe is a really cool gift idea for the stargazer in your life. It’s a star chart in globe form, with 70 constellations and 42 major stars you can spot and identify while holding the globe above eye-level to match its edges with the horizon.

Here are their instructions on how to use it:

  • Set latitude; each increment equals 5 degrees.
  • Align the current time with the date.
  • Use the compass to locate the sky’s cardinal points.
  • Face a direction and turn that direction toward you on the map, i.e. to read the map facing East, point the “E” on the dial toward you.
  • You can hold the Globe above you with the compass facing down and read from below to simulate the arc of the sky.
  • Planets can be located in the sky near the Ecliptic.

It includes a small red-LED flashlight for easier-on-the-eyes nighttime reference, a glossary for Latin constellation names and their translations, as well as a built-in button compass for orienting.

Get the Constellation Globe for $34 at Best Made Co.