BenQ “ScreenBar Plus” Monitor Lamp with Desktop Control Dial

BenQ’s elegant ScreenBar Plus is a USB-powered LED desk lamp that clips easily onto the top of your monitor or computer display, granting overhead light to your workspace when needed without taking up any of that space.


This is a huge relief to eyes straining to see past the screen glare and properly view the notebook/documents/etc on the desk in front of you. The included control knob that sits alongside those things lets you adjust the light’s brightness and color temperature, and even has a built-in sensor that detects surrounding brightness and adjusts the light accordingly to eliminate any eye discomfort from strong contrasts of light.


What I like about the ScreenBar Plus is that there’s no special hardware needed to install it, nor does it create any reflection on your monitor. It simply perches there doing its job quietly and effectively. I respect that.

Get the light for $129 on Amazon.