Check Out Ben Fryc’s Upcoming “Knob” (k•no•b•1) Mechanical Keyboard

To preface this post, I want to point out that the product I’m about to mention is currently a prototype, not an actual existing product — at least not yet. If you’re cool with that, then read on.

Designed in collaboration between keyboard startup Work Louder and 3D artist/motion designer Ben Fryc — who’s been documenting mockups on his Instagram page — the k•no•b•1 (aka “Knob” or “KNOB1”) is an interestingly designed mechanical keyboard going into production very soon and should be shipping later this year.

Here’s how Fryc describes it in his own words (bold emphasis mine):

But what is the k•no•b•1? At it’s core it’s a low-profile mechanical keyboard with uniquely designed keycaps that are designed look amazing and feel great to type on. Another novel feature is a small screen on the right hand side between the right arrow key and two rotary encoder knobs above. It’s only 100×310 pixels so pixel art should look great on it. We plan to support custom wallpapers, a timer, and computer control features when we ship. Down the road, we want people to be able to create their own features. Stay tuned on that front.

Before you ask, because I know you’re wondering: No, that small screen he mentions isn’t touch-sensitive. However, it does promise to be a UX playground of sorts where you’ll be able to create your own widgets and such, and in full color:


The bottom knob is what you’ll use to interact with the display, and the top one will be programmable to prefer whatever function you deem suitable. As for the keycaps, they’re mounted on custom-tuned MX Gateron low-profile hotswap switches.

All of this is encased by an anodized aluminum top and bottom shell (silver- and gunmetal-colored, respectively) for max durability and aesthetic appeal:


Gotta love those orange accents 🧡

Gotta love those orange accents 🧡

The keyboard will support up to three saved Bluetooth connections and will also come with a braided USB-C cable (also orange) for wired usage.


The team’s current shipping target for the k•no•b•1 is Q3 2024, and while they still have yet to test any production models as I write this on April 23rd, you can bet I’m excited for the project and will be keeping an eye on it in the meantime.

If you feel confident in what the keyboard will bring to the table (or desk, as the case may be), then you can pre-order it now for $439 USD from the official website or from the Work Louder page. In a Product Hunt comment, Fryc states that the purchase price will increase to $479 USD once models are actually in stock.