Bellroy Pencil Case

The Bellroy Pencil Case is a classy zip pouch designed for carrying your favorite pens and pencils with you on the go. It’s made from thick canvas and sports a YKK zipper with a premium leather pull. Each end of the pouch has pull loops that make it easy to open and close the zipper, and which double as a way to carry the whole thing around (or possibly even clip it onto a larger bag). The wide opening folds out like a tray, so you can see the pouch’s contents without having to dig around.

While it’s ostensibly meant to hold writing utensils, the Pencil Case can also act as a sort of mini-Dopp kit for cables and other personal items, like so:


The Bellroy Pencil Case is available in “mid-grey” and black. Each one is $40 on Amazon.