Bellroy “Marine Blue” Bag Collection

Bellroy’s new “Marine Blue” range of bags follows on the heels of their “Red Earth” collection in that they’re made from recycled materials, except these materials are sourced from pre-consumer industrial waste that form the basis of the company’s own “Baida” nylon.


Named for the ocean and based on the Korean word for ‘sea’ (bada 바다), this high-performance recycled nylon is naturally durable and lightweight, featuring a heat-treated yarn for an intriguing and unique crinkle-textured matte finish, along with a compact weave for added robustness in the face of both the elements and everyday wear-and-tear.

As a bonus, the fabric has also been treated with an environmentally friendly water-resistant coating.

Chase Reeves talks a lot about the look and feel of this nylon in his review of the Bellroy “Apex” bag (which was the first to test the fabric):

Mildly NSFW for language

This is a material that performs admirably in the outdoors while meeting the aesthetic and sensory needs of indoor settings. You’re gonna love it.


The Marine Blue collection spans a number of bag styles — most of which are pictured above — including backpacks, slings, and totes, plus some newly released travel-specific backpacks and weekenders (which will be fantastic when we’re all able to venture out into the world again):

They’ve also got plans to add a Classic Pouch, Dopp Kit, Pencil Case, and Tech Kit to the lineup, so stay tuned for those.