Belkin Loft Notebook Stand

On my desk at work sits a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display. To the right of it, on a notebook stand sits my 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Sadly, my notebook stand is pretty pathetic. It’s some cheap thing our office manager bought me — I should have told her I wanted the Belkin Loft.

Made from aluminum, the Loft is quite simple. With a large foot for stability and good-sized opening in the stand for cable management, the Loft’s surprise comes in where the notebook actually rests.

Instead of being a tray or just a set of arms, the Loft has a rubber-covered pedestal with a large opening cut in the center. This helps keep the notebook cool, and that rubber is there to make sure everything stays where it is.

Check it out on Amazon, where it is just $42 for Prime members.