BedJet V2 Bed Fan

By far the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life.


I’ve always been a hot sleeper, the type who gets stuffy easily and almost never goes to bed without some kind of fan to move air over me all night. As a kid, I would often solve this problem by laying on the floor under a thin quilt covering the nearby floor vent, which would then puff up the quilt into a lovely pocket of cool air. It was honestly the best. (My cat loved it too and would hang out with me under there all the time.)

As an adult, I can now accomplish something similar with the BedJet V2. This bed fan lays flat beneath your bed frame — as long as you’ve got 7 inches of clearance under there; if not, they have a vertical mount stand you can buy — and has a hose that runs up to a nozzle, which itself is held in place by a bracket that you slide under the mattress.

Once it’s set up, use the wireless remote (or their companion app) to have the fan blow air under your top sheet, creating that “cool pocket” I was talking about earlier. It’s kinda like sleeping on an air hockey table, but way more comfy.

In the winter you can use the BedJet as an adjustable bed heater, with a max temp of 104°F. There’s a “turbo” mode that lets you heat the bed up REAL fast (we’re talking a minute or two) before going back to regular, more quiet heating.

You can use the BedJet with any sheet, but if you and your partner have differing temperature needs, they offer a special bedsheet for that. You can even use it with a second BedJet, if you have the cash to drop on it. (Even one unit is pretty pricey, but hey, you do spend a third of your life sleeping.)

Get the BedJet V2 for $339 on Amazon.