Barton 1972’s Braided Leather Camera Straps

Hong Kong-based company Barton 1972 makes a lot of cool camera straps. The braided leather models are particularly stylish, and they have a sort of soft stretchiness with lots of surface area, so they’re also quite comfortable to wear. Perfect for micro 4/3 cameras.

There are several braided straps to choose from:

  • Braided Style ($79) — Depending on how tall you are, this can be worn over the shoulder, across the chest, or around the neck. For an extra $10, you can get the fancier “Chrome” version (pictured above), which has a mild reflective coating.
  • Braidy ($50) — A wrist strap that is essentially a smaller version of the Braided Style above. The black version is unfortunately sold out, but they do have olive green in stock.
  • Yin Yang ($89) — The most eye-catching of the bunch, the Yin Yang combines two colors of leather into one strap. Available in two colorways: Delta (black and olive green) and Epsilon (black and vibrant red).
  • Braided XL ($89) — A version of the Braided Style designed for taller guys. Again, the black version is sold out but they have a beautiful dark blue colorway available.
  • Dual Braided ($89) — As the name suggests, it’s two braided straps combined into one. Comes in brown only.

You can find all these straps and more on Barton 1972’s camera straps page.