Baron Fig’s Squire Pen [Kickstarter]

Our friends at Baron Fig have put up a Kickstarter campaign for a pen (dubbed the “Squire”) to complement their excellent Confidant notebooks.

The Squire has several design features that make it both useful and beautiful:

  • It’s precision weighted so that it rests comfortably in your hand.
  • The body — which is cut from a solid block of high-grade aluminum — subtly widens from top to bottom, making it more ergonomic and keeping your fingers from sliding down.
  • It’s shorter than an average pen but longer than most pocket pens, hitting the portability sweet spot.
  • There are very few parts or edges to speak of.

As of this writing (November 16th, 2015) they’ve already crushed their $15k funding goal and still have 24 days to go. The Squire will come in silver and charcoal flavors, and it takes a pledge level of at least $50 to get one for yourself when the campaign ends. They will retail for $65 a pop after that.