Barbqtime Silicone Side-Shelf Grill Spatula Mat & BBQ Tool Organizer

Having a side shelf on your grill is great and all, but keeping it clean and in good shape is almost a full-time job. Food residue and grime is always trying to burn onto it from the nearby heat, your grill tools are always leaving scratches in the surface, and it’s not like you can just toss it into the dishwasher as a reset.

A heat-resistant silicone mat like this one makes the task a lot easier. It gives you a great place to rest your spatula and tongs, is easy to wipe down after grilling, can be dishwashed when needed, and it gives you dedicated places for things like beverages and seasoning bottles.

Keep your grill shelf clean and tidy by picking up this mat for $18 on Amazon in your choice of orange, black, or red. Get a pair of them if your grill has shelves on both sides 👍