Baratza Sette Drop-Down Portafilter Fork Attachment

While the Baratza Sette 270 is still our recommendation for an entry-level espresso grinder over the lower-end Sette 30 model, there are things Sette 30 owners can do to bring their grinder more in line with the 270.

One of those things is to outfit the 30 with the 270’s adjustment ring/assembly to allow for stepless micro-adjustment on the grind, in addition to the macro adjustments.

Another useful addition is this drop-down portafilter fork, which fits securely onto the 30’s existing arms beneath the grind chute. What this does is give you a place to set your portafilter and walk away while it grinds, completely hands-free.


The other benefit of this hook add-on is that gives you extra clearance above the portafilter so you can grind larger doses of espresso — as in, a whole 20 grams (!) more, if you want it — without the mound building up back into the chute. The fork is also compatible with the 270 and even the 270Wi, both of which can make use of that extra clearance.

Get this Sette drop-down portafilter hook for $28 at Image Coffee. If they’re ever out of stock, you can also find it for $29 at Eight Ounce Coffee Supply.