Bamboozle Indoor Composting Bin

According to the EPA, ~30% of the waste we throw away is made up of food scraps and yard waste. Once that stuff’s in the landfill, it ends up releasing methane into the atmosphere, which we drastically need to cut down on. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do your part at home by starting a compost pile, which can later be used for gardening (either by you or someone else).

If you’re low on space, live in the city, or happen to be a full-time RVer (ahem), the Bamboozle composting bin isn’t a bad way to go. It’s small enough (~1¼ gallon) to keep on a countertop or under a counter, and it’s made from durable, biodegradable, and dishwasher-safe bamboo fiber that was ground into a fine powder before being molded into that lovely little bin you see above, with the addition of a wooden handle for easy transport.

The lid’s activated carbon filter — two of which are included — does a great job keeping the scent of whatever’s going on inside the bin under wraps, so you can keep it in your kitchen without fear of weird smells.

The Bamboozle compost bin is available in your choice of Natural or Graphite for $40 on Amazon.