Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket for Adults

Have you ever been at the dentist getting an x-ray, and they put that protective heavy vest/apron on you, and you suddenly feel…calmer? My friend, you would probably love sleeping with a weighted blanket like this one.

For some people, the pressure of a weighted blanket can ease anxiety and make for a more peaceful night’s rest. It’s kind of like getting a constant full-body bear hug as you sleep. But more than that, Baloo’s weighted blanket has a couple features that make it stand out from the crowd.


For one thing, this is a machine washable weighted blanket — which, if you’ve ever shopped for one of these before, you know how rare that is. It can go in the washing machine on cold/gentle cycle, then dry on low heat settings just fine. I wouldn’t dry-clean or use an iron on it though.

Secondly, the blanket’s quilt-like stitching keeps the weighted filling (i.e. super-fine glass microbeads) from pooling or bunching up, keeping the weight evenly distributed always. Any shifting the beads do within their respective “pockets” is imperceptible.


This is just a quality product through and through. They’ve got a few weights to choose from, across two sizes:

I would recommend adding a duvet cover ($129, sold separately) for even easier maintenance.