Baker’s Signature Perforated Parchment Paper Air Fryer Liners

🔥 Warning: DO NOT have one of these in your air fryer during its preheating process unless you want it to fly up into the heating element and catch fire. Use ONLY when cooking food that will weigh the paper down.

My wife and I make good use of our air fryer for all kinds of everyday cooking tasks. One thing we’ve taken to doing lately is baking cookies in it, which was kind of a mess until we discovered these parchment paper liners, which not only make it easy to extract the cookies after they’re done, but also allow the air fryer to do its heated-circulation thing without interference so they still cook well.

The sheets are coated with a non-toxic silicone coating so foods simply slide off after cooking, and their very nature as liners makes the post-bake cleanup process a breeze. You can use them for other kinds of cooking of course, but we find that we only really need them for baked goods that don’t involve baking cups.

You can get these air fryer parchment liners in square or round shapes to suit your specific cooking tray. If you need a different size than these two, there are also plenty of other companies on Amazon offering similar products so you can surely find something suitable.