‘Badland Brawl’ for iOS

Need a new iPhone or iPad game for when you’ve got a few minutes to kill? Tread carefully friends, because while Badland Brawl can be played in short bursts, it has a way of sucking you in.

This real-time, physics-based PvP battler takes place in the BADLAND universe, where your stronghold is pitted against another player’s online. Each of you has a customizable “deck” of minions and bombs that you slingshot forth (at the expense of slowly generating mana) in an attempt to destroy the enemy’s tower — provided they aren’t destroyed along the way by opposing minions and/or defensive measures.

The minions (known as “Clones” in the game) and bombs can be combined in clever ways to devastating effect, and if you’re very lucky — or unlucky, as it sometimes goes — a single chain combo can completely turn the tide of any match within seconds. It’s honestly a rush. Each match takes only seconds to find and can’t last any longer than 3 minutes, though it’s often much shorter than that due to the frenetic pace most of them take.

The game is free to download from the iOS App Store. Of course, it’s one of those games that wants you to spend money on in-game gems to speed up your progress and such, but you can avoid that and still have a fun time.