Backbone One Releases Second-Gen Smartphone Gaming Controller

The Backbone One, arguably the world’s best smartphone controller grip in the mobile gaming space, has just introduced their next-generation model for both USB-C and Lightning phones.

With its newly increased bridge extension and the inclusion of swappable magnetic adapter pads, the second-gen Backbone One addresses one of the more common complaints suffered by the original BB1, now supporting a wider range of phones and cases than ever.

Unless the case you use is the chunkiest kind imaginable, you should now be able to pop your phone into the controller grip, game to your heart’s content, and put it back away without ever having to futz around with case removal. It seems a small change but it makes all the difference.


Also new in the 2nd gen is a reshaped D-pad and updated face buttons for enhanced responsiveness and input precision. No matter what genre you play, you’ll feel that much more in control of what’s going on in-game.

Get the Backbone One V2 phone controller grip for $100 on Amazon in your choice of…