Back Pocket Notebooks’ “The Night Sky” Pocket Notebook Set

There’s something about the stars that always gets our attention around here, and Back Pocket Notebooks’ “Night Sky” memo books scratch that itch nicely.

Sized at 90mm x 140mm — right around the size of your friendly neighborhood Field Notes but without rounded corners — this two-pack represents the night skies as seen from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, respectively:

When you look up at the night sky, it will be the time of year that will determine exactly which of those constellations you will be able to see. Some constellations can always be seen in each hemisphere throughout the year (Ursa Minor and Crux for the Northern and Southern hemisphere respectively).

Constellations were created to allow us to make sensible groupings of the stars and pass that information on through stories. This notebook set feature forty-nine of the eighty-eight modern constellation groupings.

Each of the two memo books features 36 pages of 100gsm paper marked with cross grids, along with cool-looking 300gsm covers depicting constellations that are listed on the inside (plus their name meanings and brightest stars).


Jeff Abbott, our own senior editor over at The Sweet Setup, reviewed this set for Brad Dowdy’s Pen Addict blog.

If you’re interested in the two-pack set, it’s £8 (~$11 USD) at Back Pocket Notebooks.