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Bag Review

The Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase is a magnificent bag. It checks off a lot of the requirements people would be looking for in a work bag, plus it looks good too. Just like wallets, I’m a bit of a stickler for bags. I’m not satisfied using just any briefcase, messenger, or backpack for work. There are some specific things I want out…

Cut-the-Cable Review

Sling TV's user interface is simple and intuitive. The channel selection is solid and worth the asking price. There are lots of things to like about Sling TV — it’s such a promising product.

Wallet Review

It can hold a single dollar bill on one side, a credit card and ID on the other, and three cards in the center slot, yet still you might not realize you're carrying it.

UE Megaboom

The new Megaboom is completely waterproof, has Bluetooth connection range of 100 feet, and packs 20 hours of battery life.

Misfit Flash

Most people either know they want to track their activity or know that they don’t–few people fall in the middle, left unsure. But for those whose interest has been raised at some point, the Misfit Flash is a perfect entry tracker. The Flash has an MSRP of $50 directly from Misfit, but has gone on sale in the past from other stores like Amazon or Best Buy for $25.

Matador Blanket

A blanket so portable it fits in a pocket is an incredibly useful proposition. Whether you’re heading out for a picnic, photo shoot, trip to the beach, or a million other outdoor activities, the amount of stuff that can be carried is usually extremely limited. Matador makes two pocketable blankets that fill this need and will keep you covered with very minimal space sacrificed in the process.

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