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Lens Review

The first Sony-Zeiss take on the standard zoom lens for the Full Frame E-mount system may not set any performance records, but its versatile focal range and constant f/4 maximum aperture give α7-series shooters a very capable tool to get the job done in a compact, sleek package.

Camera Review

This second generation Full Frame mirrorless camera is an evolutionary step-up from the original Sony α7. Sony rights many of the α7’s wrongs here, while building on the same core features that made it so successful in the first place, creating another winner in the process.

Camera Lens Review

Standard primes around the 50mm focal are some of the most popular lenses around, and manufacturers have had decades to learn how to make them efficiently. In designing their first standard prime lens for the Full Frame E-mount system, however, Sony took advantage of all that knowledge, then flipped it on its head to create one of the most remarkable pieces of glass we’ve seen in years.

Camera Accessory Review

This mounting clip by Peak Design creates a secure docking point for your camera, allowing you to carry or manipulate your equipment easily and securely. Because when you’re handling important stuff, it’s always better to use two hands.

Camera Lens Review

For many photographers, having an excellent 35mm-equivalent lens in their arsenal is a must. After more than four years of development and despite its impressive range of available lenses, a truly outstanding 35mm-equivalent lens continues to elude the Micro Four Thirds system. This small, jewel-like lens from Olympus remains the only realistic choice for most people.

Photo Essay

In this 3-part series, we take a look at the latest trend in Madrid’s social scene: its food markets. In an amazing turnaround, these long-standing traditional markets have recently been doubling as hangout places for all kinds of people, from the hipster to the posh. Come see what all the fuss is about and don’t worry, the tapas are on us.

Photo Essay

El Rastro is Madrid’s traditional flea market. Every Sunday, the streets of the Madrilenian quarter of La Latina become bustling with life as soon as the market opens. Full of interesting characters and even more peculiar buying choices, El Rastro is an alternate universe within the city where there’s literally nothing that’s not for sale.

Bicycle Pannier Review

Although significantly cheaper than some other bags, the Ortlieb Back Roller City Panniers retain most of the major features that are synonymous with the German brand, including their signature waterproof construction. No matter how you look at them, these are incredible performers that punch well above their weight.

Camera Bag Review

The Think Tank Retrospective 5 is the smallest in a series of rugged, understated camera bags that won’t break the bank. It will keep your precious gear safe from anything, even — and perhaps most importantly — from prying eyes.

Backpack Review

The GR Echo is the smallest of GORUCK’s Original Rucks. While the GR2 is perfect for multi-day adventures and the GR0/GR1 are all about versatility, the Echo is arguably the most specialized bag of them all. It’s the best daypack you can carry.

Camera Tripod Review

Travel tripods are a very particular product category, where manufacturers need to make just the right design compromises in the pursuit of ultimate portability. As one of the most affordable carbon fiber tripods available, the SIRUI T-025X manages to tick all the right checkboxes in impressive fashion.

Bag Review

With its understated appearance, plenty of features and built to withstand extreme abuse, the GORUCK GR2 will take you to the end of the world — and back. It’s the ultimate travel bag.