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Photo Essay

Described by poets as “a pearl set in emeralds”, the Alhambra is a breathtaking palace from a bygone era. But its magic remains very much alive.

Photo Essay

New cameras, new lenses and the world’s biggest accessory showroom are just the tip of the iceberg. As usual, this year’s Photokina was one to remember.

Camera Lens Review

The ultra-wide angle zoom has long been a staple in the landscape photographer’s kit. Though not perfect, this Sony/Zeiss collaboration delivers great optical performance, hitting many of the right notes with only a few minor issues. It’s a keeper.

Photo Essay

Spain’s Navacerrada pass is one of the most popular winter destinations for hikers and skiers in central Spain. We invite you to give up the comfort of your couch for a few minutes and head into the wilderness with us for a much-needed micro adventure.

Lens Review

The versatile 70-200mm lens is a staple in the working photographer’s arsenal because it excels across a wide variety of scenarios ranging from portraits to landscapes and even sports. Sony’s first take on this proven formula for the FE system is a stunner and will surely impress veterans and newcomers alike.

iPhone Case Review

The Smart Battery Case has garnered more than its fair share of criticism over its now-famous hump. When all is said and done, however, it remains a pretty good case, and packs quite a punch.

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