Aura “Mason” Smart Digital Picture Frame

I got to talking with my mom the other day and was showing her some recent photos when I realized that, because I don’t post things on Facebook very often, she doesn’t always get to see all the great pictures I take of the kids and our travels and such.

Now I understand the importance of smart picture frames like the Aura Mason that you can simply email photos and videos to. This way, no matter how distant we are geographically, she and dad can stay up-to-date with our adventures and feel connected with their grandkids.

The way it works is, you send photos from anywhere in the world via the Aura Frames app and they’ll show up in this 1920 x 1200 framed display for your loved ones to admire. You can even preload the frame with a collection of photos and a personal message before the box is even opened, so it really is the perfect thing for gift-giving.


One particularly nice thing about the Mason is that it works with Live Photos taken on an iPhone! Since it doesn’t support videos — they intended it to be a quiet, unobtrusive device — this is a great middle-ground solution.

Get the Aura Mason frame for $199 on Amazon in graphite (black) or quartz (white) colors.