Aulumu A15 Magnetic TPU Cases for iPhone 15 Series

Aulumu is an up-and-coming gadget accessory company with an emphasis on futuristic-looking designs that are still functional in today’s world. Take their A15 iPhone case, for example:


In addition to being ultra slim and compatible with MagSafe chargers and such, this soft-touch case adds a sweet cyberpunk aesthetic to your device, and even has CPU cooling holes for heat dissipation you don’t often get from other cases.


To bring the quality up yet another notch, the case sports an aluminum camera ring (0.5mm thick) for added rear protection, along with independent aluminum buttons that offer excellent tactile feel with every press.

The Aulumu A15 case is $40 on Amazon and comes in sizes to fit each of the iPhone 15 models:

And if you like this case style, you’ll also appreciate the company’s A04 vegan leather case that has a slightly different yet equally cool aesthetic: