Audio-Technica Releases Two Limited-Edition “Ice Blue” ATH-M50x Headphones

Following a crowdsourcing campaign they ran last November, Audio-Technica has released the 2023 limited-edition “Ice Blue” colorway for their critically acclaimed wired ATH-M50x ($149) and wireless ATH-M50xBT2 ($197) studio monitor headphones.

Each of the Ice Blue variants costs about $20 more than their base model counterparts:

  1. ATH-M50xIB ($169) — Wired
  2. ATH-M50xBT2IB ($219) — Wireless/Bluetooth, up to 50 hours per battery charge


In both cases, the new color scheme adds an eyecatching *pop* that stands out in a sea of mostly black or white headphones. You still get the same exceptional listening experience that makes the M50x models such sought-after cans — by casual listeners and studio pros alike — along with the collapsible design that makes them so easy to transport.

You can shop the wired and wireless headphones to find out more before buying, and maybe take a look at some aftermarket earpads if you want even more of a custom style.