Atom – macOS Text Editor

Over at The Sweet Setup, Atom was chosen as the best text editor for macOS.

Few topics start such heated debates as what makes a good text editor. The problem with declaring any one editor better than another is that every editor we mention today is seemingly infinitely customizable. You can tweak, bolt on, or remove any array of features until any of the following applications fit your workflow perfectly. Additionally, once someone has spent more than a few months using a specific text editor, the muscle memory for certain actions or keyboard shortcuts becomes so second-nature that switching to any other editor can be as difficult and foreign as switching to a new operating system.


K.Q. Dreger does a great job at looking at this controversial app category. Atom is an open-source, cross-platform text editor developed by GitHub, so you can count on it being around for years. If you aren’t satisfied with your current editor, Atom is a risk free option.