ASUS Miniature Multi-Mode Portable Wi-Fi Router

The ASUS WL-330NUL is a nifty little device that offers travelers a little more flexibility with their network setup. It’s a miniature, super-light 802.11n router that can easily fit in your pocket or bag (it’s about the size of my thumb). To keep things as simple as possible, it has just one ethernet port, one flip-out USB jack, and a power connector.

It can be used in four ways:

  • Like any normal WiFi router, useful for hotel rooms that only offer a wired connection (or charge an additional arm and a leg for WiFi connectivity).
  • WiFi receiver, when plugged into a laptop’s USB slot.
  • Private WLAN, when only the power cable is used.
  • Ethernet adapter, for laptops that don’t have an ethernet port by default but do have USB.

And like most routers, it has WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption built right in, so you can feel more secure when connecting to public networks.

Get it on Amazon for $35.

Thanks, Jason!