Asano “Paper Moon” Handcrafted Washi Paper Lamps

Originally designed by Shigeru Uchida (1943–2016) over thirty years ago, the “Paper Moon” series is a line of delicately beautiful paper lanterns handcrafted in Japan’s Gifu Prefecture, where the artform has a strong tradition dating back hundreds of years.

These exquisite lamps are characterized by a continuous spiral of bamboo filament ribbing wrapped around a wire armature, onto which panels of thin Washi paper are individually glued on until the entire surface is covered. The final product emits a soft, warm glow that will instantly make your space feel more soothing and welcoming.



While each lantern is made in the hands of a skilled artisan, there will always be a human element of imperfection that lends a special uniqueness to every single one.

The Paper Moon collection comes in a variety of pleasing forms, each for $135: