Artemis by Andy Weir

The Martian is probably one of my favorite books of all time. This November, Andy Weir releases his newest novel: Artemis.

Jazz Bashara is a criminal. Well, sort of. Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you’ve got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent. Everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a reward too lucrative to turn down. But pulling off the impossible is just the start of her problems, as she learns that she’s stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself—and that now, her only chance at survival lies in a gambit even riskier than the first.  

I pre-ordered the book without even reading the synopsis. If it’s anywhere near as good as The Martian, it’s going to be a great read.

Pre-Order Options

Hardcover – $20.25

Kindle – $13.99

iBooks – $13.99

Audible – $20.97