AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad

Ever have a brilliant idea strike while you’re showering, only to lose it as soon as you’ve dried off minutes later? Check out AquaNotes, the waterproof, wall-mounted notepad that lets you capture those moments of inspiration before they slip away. (I’m trying hard not to make a “down the drain” joke here but it’s nearly impossible.)

The 40-page notepad and accompanying water-resistant cedar pencil attach to the shower wall via suction cups for easy access. Each page is perforated, so your ideas don’t have to stay in the shower once you’ve captured them. They’re also non-toxic and recyclable.

Even if inspiration never strikes, AquaNotes are a nice way to leave doodles and notes for your significant other. Or, they can be the ones to capture universe-denting ideas!

Get AquaNotes for $8 on Amazon.