AppViz 3

AppViz is a popular sales-tracking tool for iOS developers that I believe dates back to 2009. Yesterday, The Iconfactory announced AppViz 3, the latest and greatest iteration of the service yet.

The Mac app has been completely redesigned, with easy-to-understand graphs and statistics about how your apps are doing on the App Store. You can monitor in-app purchases, read reviews of your app from around the world, and get accurate earnings reports so you know exactly how much money your app is making you. There’s a full rundown of the features here.

You can track a single app in AppViz for free, and if you like it, sign up for a monthly subscription to track even more. If you’ve got 20 apps or less, it’s only $10/month.

Also, be sure to check out Craig Hockenberry’s behind-the-scenes look at the how’s and why’s of AppViz 3’s development.